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TitlePost-publication: Definite and probable Wilson paintings files
DescriptionFollowing the publication of 'Richard Wilson' in 1953, Constable continued to research and collect material concerning the artist. This work lead him him to identify a number of additional, what he called, definite and probable Wilson paintings. He summarised the most significant findings in two articles published in the Burlington magazine in 1954 (Constable, W.G. Richard Wilson, Some Pentiment. Burlington Magazine, May 1954, pp 139-147) and 1962 (Constable, W.G. Richard Wilson. A Second Addendum. Burlington Magazine, April 1962, pp.138-145).

The 1954 article considered the new material that had emerged since the publication - Constable described it as 'virtually a supplement to my recent book on Richard Wilson'. He organised and presented the new information according to the following categories: documents; information which enables recorded paintings to be identified with known works; paintings hitherto unknown of new subjects or of subjects only known from engravings or from inferior versions; and additional versions by Wilson of known paintings: drawings for known publications.

The purpose of the 1962 article was to record 'the considerable amount of new material, mainly in the form of paintings, that had come to light' following an increase in interest in Wilson. The article considered material which Constable divided into the following groups: works of which there was a record, but which had disappeared and have now been rediscovered; those which were hitherto unknown and unrecorded; and some documentary material bearing on Wilson's life and work.

The files in this series reflect these distictions, many of the titles corresponding directly with the categories established in the Burlington articles. The material in this series comprises photographs, correspondence and research notes, the majority relating to requests for opinions received and answered by Constable. Most of the photographs are annotated with details of provenance, sales, exhibition and Constable's opinion.
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