Ref NoAPO/12/2/1/78
TitleMiscellaneous S

-four letters from Gertrude Saunders, dated between 2 March-2 May 1915, concerning the news that Capt. Tollemache had died in a Belgian hospital during the First World War. Also includes a reply from Valentine, dated 4 May 1915
-letter from Wenefryde Scott, Countess of Dysart, dated 3 September 1935
-postcard from [?] [Searchfield], dated 23 April 1928
-three letters from V. Secker and M.W. Grazebrook, British Red Cross, dated between 30 November 1944-28 February 1945, concerning parcels Valentine had sent to Sgt. René Silz and Lieut. R. Krotoff who were prisoners of war during the Second World War. There is a further letter by an unknown sender, dated 13 July 1944, concerning Krotoff. Also includes some reciepts and notes on the contents of the parcels.
-letter from Kathleen Selby, 11 January 1915, concerning the whereabouts of Capt. Tollemache
-postcard from J. Servant, [undated]
-letter from Winifred Shaw, dated 3 September 1921
-three letters from Holly Sheedlcham-Shaw, dated between 23 March 1922-21 January 1932
-two letters from Fred Sheers, dated 10 & 24 October 1909
-two cards from A.S. Shorter, dated 28 May & 8 June 1925
-three letters from A.E. Silvester, dated between 4 January 1930-15 September 1935
-letter from René Silz, dated 5 August 1945
-two letters from André L. Simon, dated 10 & 19 February 1931, concerning his work for the Société Française de Bienfaisance and, in particular, some assistance they were offering to Claire Facq-Masseh (APO/12/2/1/17) and Simone Belchamber (APO/12/2/1/5)
-letter from Helen A.F. Skinner, [undated]
-letter from Faith Small, dated 5 August 1921
-letter from C. Vincent Smith, dated 1 August 1917
-letter from Elsie [Smith], dated 8 May 1912
-letter from Margaret Ellen Smith, dated 15 May 1922
-two letters from E.M. Spencer, dated 14 April & 28 May 1917, concerning the death of Paul Oppé's brother during the First World War
-letter from [Edie] Stunt, dated 25 November 1919
-letter from Kathleen S. Styles, dated 7 April 1915
-letter from Evelyn Swann, dated 13 September 1932
-letter from Iréne Szigeti, dated 15 August 1935
-four letters and a postcard from Jóska Szigeti, dated 3 March 1908 & 14 August 1939, concerning his classical music career and concerts
Date3 Mar 1908-5 Aug 1945
Extent1 file (43 letters and postcards)
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