Ref NoONM/1/3
TitleVisits to collections and institutions abroad
DescriptionThe second group of twenty two journals, which date from 1948-2002, contain Millar's notes on his visits abroad.

The journals in this series are titled by the name of the country, with Roman numerals to indicate where more than one has been completed, for example, Spain I and Spain II.

Places that have been geographically renamed have been catalogued as recorded by Millar, e.g. Leningrad for St Petersburg. The names of cities are often but not always recorded in their English form. In this catalogue, for consistency, all city names have been anglicised. The names of institutions/churches have been recorded as Millar wrote them; where Millar abbreviates, the full name has been given..

For visits to the USA, Millar often but not always recorded the location of a collection by its city and state; for consistency, in this catalogue the city is recorded with its state.

Millar structures his notes either by date or location; where known both have been listed in this catalogue. Some periods of time cover visits to several countries, with the daily date recorded sporadically. The approach used by Millar in each journal is retained in the catalogue description.

Millar visited some collections multiple times over the years and made updates to previous entries, for example when pieces were cleaned, or later sold at auction. In these cases several dates are listed next to an entry.

Phrases in inverted commas are direct quotes from Millar's notes. Where a word is unclear or unknown it is followed by (?).

Selected pages from these journals have been digitised. To view the images, see the catalogue records for ONM/1/3/16 and ONM/1/3/19.
DateJul 1948-Jun 2002
Extent22 files
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